Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sometimes Life Gets In the Way

I've been trying to get a complete Pizza post up, and have failed miserably.  I made pizza on Friday the 13th and filmed it all with my digital camera.  The video quality is atrocious.  Maybe it's time to upgrade that camera...

I do have an HD video camera, so next time I make pizza--probably this Friday night--I'll re-record the entire process for you all.  I will cover everything from making the dough and the sauce to that first bite.

My daughter's playing softball, and that seems to occupy at least two nights every week as well as the entire day on Saturday.  My wife's on her summer schedule, so she's working two nights a week.  In short, the amount of time I have to spend having fun in the kitchen with a camera and my laptop is dwindling.  I will try to keep posting throughout the summer but don't expect a new article every week.

So for now, a few food-related thoughts for the week.

I have discovered the beauty of boneless skinless chicken thighs.  Mostly thanks to Mark Bittman whose series of short cooking videos The Minimalist are excellent.  In particular, I tried his 15 Minute Herbed Chicken recently and it was both simple and delicious.  If you are wondering what to cook for dinner some night, check out his videos.  Most are under five minutes and every one I've tried has been delicious.

If you don't already, try shopping at some ethnic grocery stores.  Even in my small town we have a Mexican grocery, and nearly every town of any size has an Asian grocery or ten.  If you can find an Indian grocery store in your area, check it out.  They've got all kinds of foods you've probably never tried, and that means lots of chances to try new things.  Always try new foods.  You never know when you'll find the best thing you've never tasted.

Grilling season is coming, and I've got to say that I'm a big fan of lump charcoal.  If you're a propane griller, consider making your next grill a charcoal burner.  If you use a charcoal chimney to start your coals the wait time is really not long at all and the flavor is worth the wait.  One thing I'll definitely post this summer is grilled oysters.  If you're lucky enough to live where live oysters are available and affordable, an evening of grilling oysters is about as good as it gets.

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